The Botany Club at Louisiana State University

Botany Club Mission Statement

The Botany Club was established for continuing education for persons interested in the field of botany through field work and service. This includes, but is not limited to, the study of plant physiology, genetics, ecology, classification, and identification. This club will also provide a place for students to network and explore career paths associated with botany. The 2021 goal for this organization is to provide a safe and beneficial learning environment to supplement the knowledge that students gain in the classroom with hands-on experience. The club will also contribute to projects of ecological restoration/habitat in natural areas and install additional native plants around the RNR building.

Upcoming Events

  • Tunica Day Trip!
    • On October 9th, we will be leaving from the RNR building at 8:00 a.m. and be out all day!
    • Some people have reached out to me saying they have prior engagements so we will probably leave at the latest by 3 or 4.
    • Hiking, collecting plants, and general exploration!
    • One of our members also said that they may be open to teaching us how to catch insects!
  • ID night!
    • On Tuesday the 12th at 5:30 p.m. in RNR room 206 we will be taking the plants we collected the week before and learning to use microscopes to identify them. We will also make labels for submission to the herbarium!
    • Food and sick jams will be provided.
    • If you cannot go on the Tunica trip but want to participate, I can bring some unidentified plants from collections of mine and some of my coworkers for you to join in the fun with!
  • Lee Memorial Forest for a joint field trip with the Forestry club/botanizing field trip!
    • October 21-24 we will leave RNR on the 21st at 10:00 a.m. and getting lunch at Yo-yos that at noon in Bogalusa.
    • We will be staying in the bunkhouses for a couple of days and helping Joe around the property with some prescribed burning.
    • We will have a couple of botanist guests such as Brian Early of LDWF, Dylan DeRouen of BREC, and mayhaps Dr. Reid of RNR join us!
    • We will have a loose itinerary that will be decided on closer to the trip, but it looks as though we may be able to get some of the RNR Professors out to teach the prescribed burning class so that you can work towards your certification. We will also have time to do some vegetation plots so that people can get experience with general plant ID and data collection!
    • There is a very large lodge on the property, but you are equally as welcome to tent camp.
    • This trip will be full of time to explore the property, have bonfires, collect plants, looks for herps, birds, and get experience in our field!
    • We will have vans leaving campus on the 21st and returning on the 24th so you are free to ride with us or drive on your own. Feel free to choose what days you would like to be there if not the entire time!
    • Food on the campsite will be provided, but the more food the merrier!
  • Data Collection at the Nature Conservancy's property in Abita Springs, LA
    • Date TBD, In October

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