Faculty Advisor

Dr. Christopher S. Reid 

As a botanist, my main role is teaching plant identification courses to build botanical skills and to expand ecological awareness in RNR students. Taxonomically, I am a generalist with broad knowledge of the flora and vegetation of the southeastern coastal plain.

I am particularly interested in grasses and sedges, and native grasslands. My recent efforts have focused on conservation of Louisiana’s coastal prairie. This work has included research of the flora and vegetation of prairie remnants and application of stewardship actions such as prescribed burning and chemical and mechanical control of encroaching brush.



President: Csanyi Matusicky

Senior in Wildlife Ecology

I am a very curious person

I love the outdoors

I love meeting new people and learning new things

I love playing music

I am bad at writing personal quips

I'm usually with my dog, Friday


Favorite song: "Botanizer" by Britney Spears

🌺 Bloom and Grow 🌺


Vice President: Cece Berryman

I have a Bachelor's degree in Natural Resource Ecology and Management from LSU. I am currently pursuing my Master's degree with a focus in botany.

I have a true passion for field botany.

Land stewardship with a focus on plants while applying management practices such as prescribed fire is my career goal.

Ask me about Southeastern Louisiana flora, and I can definitely help you out! 

Social Media Manager: Jaden Cuti

I’m a senior in RNR with a concentration in conservation biology. I like to garden and have many house plants along with an “overgrown” balcony, but prefer being in nature with the wild species. Any opportunity to get away from the city and into the woods is an instant trigger for adventure.

I hope to one day go on a prescribed burn and also do native restoration.

Some of my other hobbies include writing, wire weaving pendants, hooping, and listening to a lot of music.


Secretary: Amy Burke

I am a senior getting a B.S. in conservation biology and a B.A. in French.

I first became interested in plants after taking Dendrology with Dr. Reid and have been curious about them ever since.

I'm interested in sustainability and habitat restoration.

Aside from plants, I am a KLSU DJ, I like to bird, and I have a passion for civic engagement.

Treasurer: Chris King 

Senior Majoring in Wildlife Habitat Conservation

Hobbies: Casual botany and long walks on the beach.